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Senior GIS Architect – Asset Management & Utilities

Our mission is to accelerate the adaptation of Smart Energy Technologies in order to support the transfer to sustainable energy production and consumption. Together with our customers, we implement highly useful software targeted this particular goal. We would like you to help!

Who are you?

Values: As a person, you are honest, hardworking, and forward thinking. You are able to express your values in a way others can understand and respect, and it falls naturally for you to understand and respect other people’s values.

Culture: You promote teamwork and understand that team effort is the most important ingredient to success. We need individual achievements from skilled engineers as you! Even more, we need to combine these achievements - working as one team. Then we will meet our common goals.

Engineering Skills: You are an experienced GIS architect with in-depth understanding of geographic information and Esri Technologies. You have a good understanding of the business processes in one or more industry verticals, e.g. electric and gas distribution or power generation, and you have first-hand experience on implementing asset management solutions for the Utility Industry based on Esri technologies and integrations to e.g. SAP-PM.

We are looking for the persons with the greatest potential! You must possess the potential and ambition to be part of the best team in the industry. Your values and the culture you promote combined with your educational background, experience, and ability to abstract thinking, will all add to this.

What will you do?

We do large-scale projects providing software for supporting critical business processes in or close to operating valuable assets and infrastructures such as offshore wind turbines and electric power grids. We use the new newest technologies from Esri and Microsoft to build both customer specific solutions and products for the Utility Industry.  We are highly experienced in implementing integrations between large core technology platforms from Esri, OSIsoft, SAP-PM and others.

- You will contribute to the projects by writing high quality code build on well-understood business requirements, and deploy this to productive systems in a safe way.

We adapt new technologies as they bring value to the software we develop, understanding that strong competences in the technologies we master are important to success, and that not every technology is valuable in the longer run. We learn every day, and adjust our behaviour accordantly.

- You will contribute to these processes by helping us to adapt new technologies in a sustainable way, and to improve the way we are utilizing them.

How will you do this?

You will work closely with our customers and product development to specify and implement software solutions, using your key competences:

  • Agile approaches for software engineering
  • Software Architecture & Patterns for Enterprise Applications & Integrations
  • Esri Technologies
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • C# and .net
  • Front-end technologies such as AngularJS and HTML5

Possible additional competences:

  • Time series data and events, preferably achieved working with OSIsoft technologies
  • Real-time command and control applications as ADMS and SCADA


Need to know more? Contact CEO and founder Jesper Vinther at e-mail: or mobile on: +45 26 33 12 00.

Please send you application and CV before the 5th of December 2016.

About Similix

Similix is a consultancy company founded 2013, focusing on the smart energy technology industry. Currently we are seven full time consultants with the ambition of growth.

We are partners with Esri & OSIsoft.

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Location Søborg

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