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Is your head in the Cloud?

Are you passionate about DevOps and do you have extensive insight into this area? 

Do you possess the ability to identify a problem and analyse it to come up with a possible solution?

Then you might be the new team member we are looking for.

About us:

Cima Technologies is a fairly new company, but we are already in such high demand, that we are looking for awesome new colleagues to join the team and help keep our customers satisfied.

The atmosphere is down to earth, and with lots of fun creative inputs and socializing. Learn more about us at:

Our goal:

Our main goal is to liberate our customers from unnecessary complex infrastructures. 

We want to help our customers view their infrastructure as code. 

We want to help our clients to scale their systems infinitely.


It is important to understand that this is a consultant job. You need to be able to visit our customers by yourself, speak to new customers on the phone and so on. 

A friendly and respectful manner is required. With that said – you certainly do not need to be extrovert to work with us.

Any applicant who has already sold his/her soul to Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet, Chef, Terraform and or Docker is a step ahead.

If you have a hard time understanding that anything can run on just one node, you are also a step ahead.

Finally, good old-fashioned sysadmin skills are most welcome.

The job:

It’s awesome. The pay is good. The job is a challenge but you will be able to teamwork with our fantastic consultants. You will also have lots of fun and drink sour wine. 

We are eagerly awaiting your response.

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Location Denmark

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