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Ruby Developer

Company Profile

Inpay believes that Payments should not be limited by international boundaries. Today’s technology allows us to live and work without borders, and our daily business is often agreed across the globe in the blink of an eye. When you read the news, shop or talk with friends, it doesn’t matter where they are: you’re connected. We believe that the same idea applies to the way payments should work. We will be to money what the Internet is to information.

Inpay is an online payment solution enabling customers to pay using their online bank. By offering instant payment with global coverage, Inpay is a strong and unique bank payment option. Furthermore, Inpay works in local currency and offers local language support in more than 40 countries. With Inpay the bank transfers are registered instantly for more than 850 million online bank users worldwide. Customers whose bank is not yet part of the Inpay network can still use Inpay, and payment will then be registered within 24 hours. Integrating with Inpay is very easy, and the robust backend system offers a full range of functionalities such as real time reporting, seamless currency conversion and withdrawals. All Inpay transactions are bank transfers which means no risk of chargebacks. Inpay is competitively priced and is also offered as a white label solution for large merchants and PSPs.


Trust, Accountability, Innovation, Passion & Respect.
We are living and working in a time of rapid change. Technology is driving huge advances in the way we transact payments, and the places where we need to do business are no longer limited by borders. Inpay believes that the firm foundations of banking are the best place to build the next generation of payment technology. Inpay sees itself as the interface between the financial technology revolution and the established banking system. Inpay’s service embraces these two worlds: a company that believes in both innovation and maturity. In a globally connected world, financial transactions made across borders have to be accessible, safe and reliable. This is true for every customer, large and small. Creating a world payment system that connects everyone by using the safest foundations possible is what Inpay was set up to achieve.

Inpay’s use of bank transfers within the secure and trusted financial infrastructure underlines our commitment and trust in the solid values of banking. Inpay also fully supports the positive delivery of the SWIFT system, of which it is a member. Inpay’s innovative system gives the world a new way of paying and a better future for both banks and the payment industry.

Description of the department      

The Development unit manages development projects intended for use in all parts of Inpay’s operations. As such Development is a competence center for project management with projects covering three basic categories: Market development, Product Development and Systems Development. Development has wide connections throughout Inpay’s operations and focus on development work agreed upon and supported by Inpay‘s management team. The team consists of 7 highly skilled professionals that prioritize interdependent knowledge sharing, socializing and mutual growth.

Job profile

This position really connects the binary world with the commercial. Not only will you grow your developing skills, but also achieve an in-depth understanding of the Financial and FinTech industry and better yourself in the area of business communication and interaction and programming skills.

Your primary task will be

  • Develop, deploy and maintain Bank Integration Software
  • Understand, analyze and automate manual business processes
  • Map and understand your customers' needs (in-house and external)
  • Design and develop web-applications to support your customers' needs
  • Develop plug-ins for connecting the core system
  • Understand and own core system capabilities and interfaces
  • Update and maintain core system features

Candidate profile

The ideal candidate wants and needs to be in a passionate high-skilled environment. Fluent in English and no novice to developing.


  • Experienced Ruby/rails full-stack developer
  • Experience with integration web systems
  • Passion for automate and improve business processes


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience developing with Ruby/Rails
  • Experience with JS development (preferable Angular JS)
  • Experience with developing web application 
  • Experience with writing reusable Ruby Gems
  • Experience with test framework (RSpec) and writing integration and unit tests
  • Experience with Git

This position is at the heart of Inpay. You will be responsible for some of our most important parts of the value-chain. It goes without saying, that you must be responsible, stable and hungry to develop your skills and reach your personal goals.

Terms of employment and conditions

Location: Copenhagen

Travelling: No

Salary: Salary will match your qualifications

Starting date: As soon as possible

Closed for applications Gem job


Location Copenhagen

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