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AltaPay is an ambitious software company with unique solutions for online and point-of-sale payments. We are a market leader because of our intelligent and customer-specific solutions. Our client base counts large international enterprises, each with unique payment needs to support their local and global businesses. International customers are coming in a good flow and there are several exciting projects in the pipeline. In other words, our business is booming and we are looking to grow our development team.

The job:

You will join a development team manned by a growing number of highly skilled developers. Additionally, a Scrum Master, a Product Owner, Chief Architect, System Administrators and Technical Customer Care Consultants are working closely with the development team.

Do you consider yourself among the best of the best, then we would love to see what you can do. You might be a recent graduate, or you might be self-taught, and that’s okay as long as you have gained the right skills and ability to reflect on your knowledge. If you are part of an existing team that is looking to make the move as a group, well, that's even better!

You can expect this job to be challenging from the get-go: count on being faced with a test assignment as part of your recruitment, which you will have to implement and present. You will also experience our culture and your new co-workers as informal and fun, and with quite some opportunity to carve out your own role. You will be able to grow and learn a lot in our team – just as we expect to learn a great deal from you.

The tools you'll be given are all platform-agnostic: IntelliJ, PhpStorm, Slack, Jira, Gradle, Git, Ansible, and a bunch of (mostly web-based) in-house tools.

We imagine that you:

  • learned software development from scratch
  • are ready to work in a performance culture where teamwork is key
  • probably have a few years of experience and are skilled in quick learning and on-time delivery
  • might have prior experience with testing and/or front-end development
  • love challenges and pick up the gauntlet with a smile when we introduce you to a test case during the recruitment process

You definitely:

  • can adapt to any computing language – you simply pick up the right tool for the job
  • have a solid knowledge of Java, PHP, SQL
  • are able to comprehend technical documentation

It would be great if you:

  • have experience with the world of payments
  • are fond of (and good at!) working with agile methodologies
  • have an adventurous and enthusiastic attitude
  • prefer doing your work on a Linux platform
  • have prior experience with Akka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, or other neat things we might make good use of

About us:

We have a laid-back attitude. A couple of times a day, you'll see folks go at it at our foosball table or go to the lobby for a cup of (free) coffee, and we have monthly board game nights and company parties a few times a year. As for dress code, sure, some of us do wear suits on a daily basis, although many take a more comfortable approach. Heck, our chief architect on principle never wears a matching pair of socks. There's room to be odd, as long as you're good, too.

Foreigners are most welcome. Throughout the company, less than half of us are Danes – the rest are from Argentina, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Spain – it seems we have everything except Elbonians. So yeah, you can be sure that everything's in English and that it doesn't matter if you don't speak a word of Danish.

Sure, let's also have a paragraph about some of the perks: you get to choose your own hardware and OS, we offer flex time and the ability to work from home, a free monthly massage, there's a fitness club, a good cafeteria, and other neat stuff.

Our business is expanding, fast, and there's only so many (well, few) of us. Help! Come join us, it'll be fun. At least, get in touch and let's just see what happens.

To apply for this position or inquire about the position, please send an e-mail to or contact our recruiter at JKS, Monica Schultz, at +45 30 85 12 99.

“When it's done.” Seriously, we will keep looking until we are happy with our new team of developers.

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Location Søborg

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