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Senior Javascript Engineer

Join a great team building a SaaS solution that enables customers to create rich content and publish to their website, regardless of their CMS. (Read more about Zmags Creator)

We are looking for a Senior JavaScript Engineer who can join our team in Copenhagen, Boston or London. We enable remote work once we have established a basic knowledge about the application, this is a part of our onboarding plan.

You are a qualified applicant if

  • You have at least 4 years of experience with software development.
  • You have a thorough understanding of javascript (ES6/ES2015)
  • Solid understanding of the full web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, headers, asset loading / caching)
  • You write scalable, modular and testable code
  • You are able to deliver a great assignment using the description below
  • You are willing to come in to the office for the onboarding months

We offer

  • Great working location or remote.
  • A true Kanban agile methodology.
  • A management style based on responsibility and trust.
  • An environment where you get to work with great developers and continue to learn.

How to apply

1. Make this assignment:

JavaScript Test Assignment

The section below describes the basic requirements for this assignment, but feel free to add any extra functionality or features that you would like to showcase.

Please submit all source files and dependencies such that your code can be executed without any need for additional configuration. Please also include a small readme file that concisely documents what you have created and how it works.

10 Hacker News

For this assignment we will utilize the open hacker news API provided by Ycombinator, specifically the following API endpoints:

Story info:[id].json (replace [id] with story id) Author info:[id].json (replace [id] with user id)

More information available at:

To complete the assignment, use client side JavaScript to fetch ten stories at random from the top stories list. Then present these stories on a web page sorted by story score ascendingly. The presentation must include:

  • Story title
  • Story URL
  • Story timestamp
  • Story score
  • Author id
  • Author karma score

You will need to call all three API endpoints to collect the data, and your website should not present any data until all is collected. You are required to use JavaScript for all API communication and data handling.

2. Send your profile-link, github account (if existing) and the assignment results either on github, zip attachment or google docs to

3. We will invite candidates that matches our code style in terms of structure, seniority and solution level for a discussion about the next steps.

Closed for applications Gem job


Location Copenhagen, Boston or London

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