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Future Developer Program for R&D Division

Are you ready to develop technology for the future?

Here is an outstanding opportunity to be part of our brand-new ‘Future Developer Program’ - A two-year program that will take you around the world, through code certifications and land you a job working with the newest technology.

We are creating tomorrow’s society through technology, and we want you to join the mission.

Are you ready to release your inner code wizard and start your career in the pioneering R&D division in KMD?

Building on your tech base

The Future Developer Program is two years of coding, collaboration and cool experiences. The first year is all about getting the right technological base covered. C#, Python, Cloud-based Computing and Machine Learning will be essentials in the program. You will get certifications and training alongside working in a product team where you can apply your skills along the way. You will also be trained in our agile product development set-up and learn to work closely in a product team.

After covering the tech foundation, you will be working with more specialized topics such as IoT, AI, UI and Automation. During the last six months of the program you select your own area of expertise. When the two-year period comes to an end, you will continue in your product team, working in the area of your gained expertise.

Be prepared to work in a global company

During the program, you will travel the globe. The first trip will focus on understanding what it truly means to work with Global Software Development by visiting our offices in India and Australia. After the two years, we will go to the States for inspiration on the technology of tomorrow. Get ready to travel the world and not only see it through our HoloLens.

Driven by technology

You should apply if you are driven by technology, love to code and if you are constantly curious to use new technologies. Your educational background is a bachelor or master’s degree in e.g.: Software Development, Robotics, Computer Science, Gaming or any other tech-focused degree.

On top of the basic knowledge of software development, your skills include at least one programming language. You are curious enough to ask questions, but also persistent enough to give it a good try before asking. You are a logical thinker with the ability to acquire new knowledge by self-study and more formal training.

As a person, you most likely cheered on for SpaceX, love talking to your Google Home and constantly argue with that one friend who prefers Start Trek to Star Wars.

The R&D Division

We are a new software development division within KMD with more than 500 skilled and engaged people. With an agile approach, we develop big, meaningful products that have an impact on millions of people’s lives. We have a great workplace with a culture of opportunities and teams who thrive and strive to achieve great things through technology.

Together we will develop and deliver the best products in the market – we will show the way, creating new ways of working with our customers. We want to be the workplace you want to go to.

So, go ahead – take the jump and prove yourself!

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Location Aalborg and Ballerup

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