Are you a competent SaaS Product Owner who want to make an impact?

Our vision at Innoflow is a world with equal opportunities for all to succeed in life. A world where no matter the colour of your skin, your gender, the name on your passport or the date on your birth certificate, you have a fair chance to get the job of your dreams.

Innoflow is a recruiting software that enables organizations to select candidates based on anonymized case-solving rather than resumés and cover letters. The software is also used by organizers of case competitions and hackathons as a one stop digital solution, saving time and cost as well as enabling fully digital and global case-solving events.

We need you, our new Product Owner, to take control of our backlog and help us translate our product vision to a hands-on product roadmap. But before we describe what we expect from you, this is what you can expect from us:

  • You will become part of a truly meaningful mission to create a better world through our software
  • You will become part of a team of 10+ people in the CPH HQ and a development team of 7 nearshore. The development team has a team lead and you will collaborate closely with them. We work agilely, but not within a specific framework.
  • You will get a great deal of professional freedom. You will be hired as the expert, and we will give you a strong voice in the organization.
  • You will get personal and professional growth through a growth plan and development conversations
  • You will get free lunch, free coffee and tea, free snacks and flexible working hours

The job is a full-time job, and our office is currently based in Symbion Østerbro, a co-working space on Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen.

Your tasks and responsibilities

The following will be your overall tasks and responsibilities. You have to be competent and feel comfortable not least about the first two bullets:

  • Participating in meetings with the founding team, consisting of CEO Thomas Tornerup and CMO Nicklas Pyrdol, regarding the connection between product roadmap, backlog, strategic business goals and current business opportunities and challenges.
  • Managing the backlog by prioritizing feature development in close collaboration with the development team and founding team
  • Refining feature requests and writing user stories in collaboration with UI/UX interns and the nearshore development team
  • Planning sprints in close collaboration with UI/UX interns and the development team
  • Planning and coordinating QA testing with UI/UX interns and the development team
  • Planning and being a part of user acceptance testing with customers, business developers, project managers and founding team
  • Defining UX improvements together with UI/UX-interns and external agency

You will be referring to our CEO and co-founder, Thomas Tornerup. You will be collaborating closely with him, our development team, our UI/UX interns and our project managers.

What we expect from you

We only have these demands:

  • You have to be able to solve the tasks mentioned above
  • You have to be able to speak, read and write English well enough to communicate about software development, in some cases from a business perspective, to internal and external stakeholders
  • You have to be motivated by working in a fast-paced and dynamic start-up with an international setup
  • You have a Danish work-permit and are able to attend the office in Copenhagen

The recruitment process

As you most likely have guessed, we will not ask for your resumé and cover letter. We will instead ask you to sign up to solve a relevant case. The case will be evaluated anonymously by our CEO, the nearshore team lead and the designer of the case; an external expert very competent in managing product owners.

We expect you to be able to solve the case in approximately 1 hour, but we will make sure that the case is open for 3 days, so you have the flexibility to solve it whenever it fits in your schedule.

After the case, we will invite 5-10 candidates to take a Talent Test (TT38). This is an assessment of your behavioural and psychosocial strengths. You will receive a report on your test. You can read more about the test here: Candidates who match the profile we seek will be invited to an interview and will be asked to do a cognitive test beforehand.

If you feel this is the perfect match for you, simply click the link "Apply online" and click on the “Join event” button, insert your name and e-mail and wait for the case to launch.

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