Senior Backend Engineer (Elixir & Python)

This role is an opportunity to shape an innovative health tech platform as one of two backend engineers working on it (along with frontend and DevOps peers).

Who are we

We all share the passion for building the best next generation of healthcare solutions. We are a team of software engineers, physicists, anthropologists, sociologists and more.

Our work is ambitious. Our software product enables remote care for heart patients with implanted pacemakers. We enhance the lives of patients while making clinicians more efficient at the same time.

Who are you

You want to work on a product that matters in a driven team that aims to improve the quality of lives for our users (heart patients).

You have experience implementing and maintaining non-trivial production systems composed of heterogeneous services. You can work autonomously yet you know how to keep other team members updated and engage them in important decisions.

You share our values and beliefs:

  • Teamwork and collaboration are paramount
  • Sketch, build and test early and quickly
  • Base insights on a solid understanding of work practices using fieldwork
  • Build on participatory design principles

On the tech side, we’re interested in your experience with:

  • Functional programming
  • Cloud native development
  • RDBMS and message queues
  • NoSQL
  • Python

It would be nice if you’ve worked with our tech stack and/or in the healthtech field already.

Our tech stack

Our platform is backed by AWS EKS, using Kubernetes to manage our resources, provide resilience and empower developers to create representative environments for testing. We host Elixir and Python services (~80/20 ratio), along with PostgreSQLNoSQL databases and RabbitMQ as an event bus. We manage our CI/CD via Jenkins with code based pipelines. Orchestration of the platform is done with Terraform and we use DataDog for monitoring and alerting.

On the frontend we have a React Native mobile application for iOS and Android, a React web portal for clinicians at the hospitals, and the administative tools are also built in React.

Our architecture is still evolving as we go. So you'll have impact on the design and implementation of the architecture as we adapt it to meet current and future needs.

Why work with us

We make a real difference

It's hard for hospitals to strike the right balance between cutting costs and delivering better care for patients. With our software platform we do just that using AI-driven clinical decision support along with more classic work-process optimisation and smart visualizations of medical data.

We’re passionate about our journey and each other

We’re here to make an impact and have the best time together while doing it. We firmly believe that we should all understand the purpose of what we do. So no one will just hand things off to another team and forget about it.

We’re solving hard problems

Doing health tech right is difficult for a number of reasons. Some are technology-related: stability, security, transparency and reproducibility, which are a different beast than the typical throughput and scaling. Standards and protocols for health tech are still evolving and often misappropriated, and therefore require creative solutions.

Other reasons are more practical: different hospitals and clinics simply have different workflows and this impacts the way we design software to support those individualities.

Finally, there are the legal and ethical considerations: how do we handle GDPR, security, auditing and logging, national and international laws, etc.

How to apply

Click the link "Apply online". Along with submitting your resume please answer:

  • why are you interested in this role
  • and why do you think you're a good fit for it

We don't ask for an extended cover letter here — one or two honest lines on each of questions will do just perfect.

For more information or questions please contact us at

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