IT Con­sul­tant – diligent and de­ter­mi­ned Microsoft maestro

Fresh out of school or years of experience behind you? It doesn’t matter much. If you have the drive to learn and succeed, then you’re in the right place.

Zwable offers IT consulting, so businesses can keep their focus on the actual business-side of things. We were founded by 3 IT-specialists. In your day-to-day, you’ll be working closely with one of them - that means a wealth of experience to draw from. We’ve got clients knocking on our doors 24/7, so you’ll have plenty to do.

Competently counselling

From our brand-new and gorgeous offices in Gentofte, you’ll be assisting our clients daily with their IT needs, both in troubleshooting issues and developing new features. Usually, you’ll be working with a single client throughout the day, helping them with:

  • Managing MS Azure cloud solutions
  • Building infrastructure
  • Setting up their IT-systems and honing endpoint management
  • Identifying and fixing various IT-issues

Azure-ace or issue investigator?

In time, you will get to focus on your own specialty. If you’re a cloud prodigy, you’ll be doing a ton of Azure-solutions; if you’re a troubleshooting-virtuoso, you’ll be the go-to problem-solver.

Growing together

When you improve, the whole team follows suit. Better specialisation means better performance, which in turn means more satisfied customers. As such, you’ll get access to many different courses and accreditations. These offers will be scheduled during working hours, so you won’t have to cancel any weekend plans.

We’re a young company. Not everything is set in stone yet; the culture and routines are still being established. Not only will you have the tools at your disposal to grow yourself, you’ll also be a part of growing the identity of the company.

Early bird or night owl?

Deadlines are deadlines - meet those, and you’re all set. If your mind really starts racing after nightfall, then by all means, work until the early morning hours. Whenever you’re at your best, that’s when you’ll be working. We believe that freedom is the key to unlocking your potential – if you can handle that responsibility, you’ll get a high degree of autonomy.

Prowess over pedigree

We’re looking for someone, who wants to grow with the organisation. Education and experience are great, but we want competence more so than credentials.

You can come at this position from a few different backgrounds, either through your educational background or from a relevant previous position (or maybe both):

  • Educational background as a data technician would be ideal; IT-Support can also work, if you have some working experience
  • Experience in Internal IT-departments, systems operations, IT-infrastructure etc. is also a viable path to the job

Our priority isn’t necessarily that you can operate perfectly from day one, but that, given the right educational courses and in-service training, you will eventually fit perfectly into our team.

Additionally, Danish language proficiency is a must, as many of our clients correspond mainly in Danish.


If you want additional info about the position, feel free to contact partner Rasmus Baunsgaard Michelsen at or talent acquisition partner Nikoline Valentin at or +45 9117 2904.

If you’re ready for the next part of your journey, apply at the link below, and you’ll hear from us shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Publiceret: 25. april 2021


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