Senior Android Developer - with a passion for fun­ctio­nal in­nova­tion

You eat, breathe and develop Android - and take pride in applying your digital craftmanship across innovation, development and implementation of exciting technology projects.

If creating solutions that ticks meaningful boxes excites you, then we know of an extraordinary business with a cutting-edge development team that sees Android as an important building brick in the tech-driven future, they help create every day. And they’re looking for someone like you.

Our client Zibra Labs is all about developing tech ventures driven by AI, machine learning and data science. The business is looking for a new team member, a skilled developer that takes ownership across the full project development cycle and delivers Android powered solutions, where functionality and value is crystal clear, well understood and appreciated by all project stakeholders.  

Zibra Labs forges strong partnerships via a unique and practical approach to innovation and business venture development. They help tech entrepreneurs turn brilliant ideas into fact-checked reality, and if all goes according to plan, invite them to continue the Zibra journey towards commercialization and hopefully the birth of another Danish tech venture with global aspirations.

Zibra Labs shortens the lead time from idea to MVP to market ready solution through steely determination with focus on rapid technology prototyping and the underlying business fundamentals. No compromise on quality and no fear of making hard decisions in the process.

While Zibra Labs is very ambitious and results oriented, the new Android developer will not miss the joys of freedom, creativity and diversity in the workplace. The Zibra Team is dynamic and humorous, the tasks and assignments span wide and far, obviously with Android being a common denominator across many projects.

Some of this exciting work originate from a computer vision or robotics, other solutions strive to save water and electricity in office buildings or help make city infrastructure more sustainable through intelligent sensors. Zibra Labs really strive to link cool technology with humanity, examples include ICU monitoring systems for hospitals and injury preventing AI platform for equine athletes. 

If you are interested in joining Zibra Labs, please consider the below pointers:

Senior Android Developer

  • Kotlin and Java are core competencies, maybe Python as well
  • Profound insight to Android Architecture Components and Data Bindings
  • Experience with Retrofit, OkHttp and REST services
  • Ability to adapt and implement solutions across different system architectures and methods such as MVP, MVVM and VIPER
  • Keen to challenge designs, test and verify against Android Design Guidelines
  • Skills and motivation to conduct detailed documentation of system designs, architecture and configurations
  • Comfortable with SQLite and Realm Databases
  • Well versed in development environments such as Git, GitHub and Android Studio
  • Knowledge of Bluetooth and BLE are plus factors
  • Writing of structured and reader friendly code
  • Curiosity and courage to embrace Android’s latest SDK’s

We envision that you have several years of Android experience on the back of a relevant Bachelor or Masters degree, most likely in mathematics, statistics, machine learning, data management or similar.

You are curious and passionate, an Android infused creator that thrives in a dynamic business environment, where cooperation and communication skills, helpfulness, persistency and constructive problem solving are essential values shared and embraced by all team members.

Zibra Labs is growing and the tech development team consists of eleven software, electronics and hardware developers forming an integral part of InQvation, Danmark’s leading tech innovation hub. The creative, fun and comfortable office and lab space in Taastrup will inspire you alongside synergetic sparks from co-located Zibra businesses and projects. InQvation is currently home to 100+ dedicated people, enjoying their own indoor forest, hammocks with Arctic views, vintage auto campers, conference rooms with living wallpaper, great food and unlimited espressoß on tap.

Interested in joining Zibra Labs?

Send a brief application and CV via the ”Apply online” button as soon as possible as interviews are conducted on an ongoing basis. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to Sara Juhl at Bloom via or call her on +45 2086 08655.

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