Product Owner for APE (Automatic Product Establis­h­ment)

We are proud to present APE – a cool framework designed by us selves - created with the ambition to deliver an optimal user experience for our customers. It’s a strategic and prioritized solution for both SDC and our customers. The core of APE is already in place with digital onboarding, AML flow and consent flows for the Nordic countries. Many more commercial add-ons will come, and we are looking for a dedicated Product Owner to drive the further development of APE.

The current Product Owner is still in SDC - she got promoted to a Team lead position – so sparring from her is within reach and you have the pleasure of being surrounded by competent colleagues, all working passionately with the continued development of the tool.

Join SDC - a modern IT Company who enable effective banking

You will be part of the Digitalization Team, where we develop and maintain digital solutions aimed at the end customer. In Digitalization we have adopted an agile approach in our daily work, and each team are organized around a product owner and a team of developers. Digitalization is in both Ballerup and Warsaw, and all teams are across the two countries.

Great place to work

As an employee, you will be motivated by a changeable, challenging daily environment where you will enjoy room to grow and make your mark, both in your own sphere and in the ongoing development of SDC. You get flexible working conditions, pension scheme and health & dental insurance. You also get a 6th holiday week, 5 extra days off, increased holiday compensation, etc.

The tasks of our APE Product Owner

Specifically you will be responsible for:

  • own the vision and ambition for the APE solutions
  • understand and translate the needs of both customers and the business and thereby design the customer experience so that the product creates value both in the short and long term
  • set the direction for the team's work and create focus through clear goals
  • define the tasks together with the team and prioritize the team's backlog
  • assess and prioritize which part of the solution the team starts with, plan the iterative development and handle deviations in the plans
  • be in close collaboration with the Product Manager, ensure decision-making and prioritization of technical enablers
  • handle stakeholders on the team's tasks and clarify requirements against our IT partners.

PO by heart - maintaining focus and the guts to prioritize the backlog ….

Today you are an experienced Product Owner; used to working agile with larger platforms and complex projects. You may not have experience in running projects in the financial sector, but you have the desire to familiarize yourself with new business areas. You have relevant exdperience in combining business and IT in digital solutions.

You have a self-starter attitude: You’re someone who can initiate and drive complex analysis to completion with minimal guidance and then synthesize and communicate insights. Also, a get-it-done mindset: You’re motivated to work hard and efficiently in strong collaboration with stakeholders.

You have Danish and/or another Scandinavian as native language, Advanced skills in English, writing and speech

Please reach out to Rasmus Lundgren ( if you want to know more about the position before applying.

About SDC

It all started back in 1963, when a series of small savings banks went hand in hand with a dream of economies of scale and electronic bookkeeping. That dream still drives us. Today, we are 100+ both small and large banks from all over the Nordic region, who are part of the community, because shared solutions make us stronger.

We are over 700 colleagues in Ballerup and Warsaw, who work together every day to deliver a good banking experience to the users of 100+ Scandinavian banks. Many of our solutions are developed jointly for all customers - some for a small group. Common to them is that we want to maximize the customers’ benefit from the solutions and minimize the risk of not meeting the customers' needs.

The future demands more of SDC. The banks are working to adapt to the needs of the market, at the same time they are being met with increasing demands for regulation and efficiency. SDC works hard to be at the forefront of the customers’ needs and continue to be the preferred provider of solutions to Scandinavian banks.

Application Deadine 31/10-21.

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