Software Developer

Want to help Lyngsoe Systems to create mission critical software and products that help customers throughout the globe?

Then join our dedicated and experienced team of developers and architects and be a part of creating solutions that can optimize supply chain flow, create real-time visibility in postal sorting offices, reduce emissions by optimizing transport planning, as well as increase patient care within hospitals using state-of-the-art tracking technologies like RFID and BLE.

Job description

Lyngsoe Systems is currently on a journey of growth and development. We are looking for Software Developers to join our platform and solutions team.

You will be responsible for designing and developing high-quality complex IT solutions for our customers in the logistics area around the world. You will participate in all project phases from creating detailed specifications and solution design to development, testing and deployment.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Being an active part of the solution through sales to customer service and support
  • Software design
  • Software development for both existing and new products and projects
  • Software testing and deployment

You will work with different technologies, platforms, and methods – among others Java, Docker, Flink, Kafka and Zookeeper as well as interfaces to different upper layer applications for data distribution and monitoring.

We are delivering Data Capture solutions in different verticals like Healthcare, Airports/Airlines, Postal & Logistics, Production & Logistics, and others.

You can expect to travel in connection with the clarification and commissioning of projects.

Desired skills and experience

  • You are an Engineer, Computer Scientist or have a degree in Computer Science or similar.
  • You master object-oriented programming, preferably Java.
  • You are strong in software integration, primarily in REST and SOAP.
  • You have a strong analytical mindset, as majority of the job consists of analyzing.
  • You know the value of not coding everything from scratch, instead using available third-party software.
  • You may have worked with databases and have general knowledge within day-to-day management of such.
  • We use Apache, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse and Jenkins.
  • We work, among other technologies, with Java, Apache foundation (Kafka, Flink, Zookeeper, CXF…), MS Azure, Spring and Docker.
  • It will be advantageous to have insight in warehouse and logistics area.
  • You must be fluent in Danish and English.

As a person, you like to work in a project-oriented team environment – often with strict deadlines, concurrent projects, and numerous contacts both internally and externally. You are curious and goal oriented and show enthusiasm for the solution. You are structured and responsible and a dedicated team player with focus on test and quality.

You are offered

Lyngsoe Systems offers an exciting job with excellent opportunities for professional and personal development in an inspiring environment at one of the world’s leading software developers and systems integrators of logistics solutions for a wide range of complex logistics chain environments.

Lyngsoe Systems values initiative, responsibility, and the right balance between creativity and quality in all solutions. You will become part of a highly professional team with a strong technical and commercial commitment. You will get a unique opportunity and much influence.

Customers worldwide – the reality for a software developer at Lyngsoe Systems

How about working with software and solutions to one of the largest manufacturers of all the top selling liquors worldwide, or to one of the largest burger chains in the world?

Imagine you are doing software and products to some of the largest airlines and airports in the world, or to the largest logistics and postal companies worldwide.

Sometimes we are busy, and this is often where we have the most fun. An example is when we together with one of the largest Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers are designing prototypes for future RFID-based products and solutions to measure and track the vaccine until it is injected in the person being vaccinated.

Or you can imagine you are doing software and data capture solutions for the super hospitals in Denmark as well as to hospitals all around Europe to track mission critical equipment or to generate automated messages to operate the hospital.

Join Lyngsoe Systems as a software developer, and you will get a lot of fun and interesting tasks together with great colleagues for companies worldwide. “We work together”, “We help each other”, “We want to have fun” – this is what we promise each other!

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If you have questions or need further information about the position, please contact Development Director Georg Steen Christensen, tel 96 980 989 or HR Manager Anna Larsen, tel 2232 7232.

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If you have any questions, please contact

Anna Larsen
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