Wiredelta is a digital agency focused on delivering projects from all sizes. Regardless, if you are interested in experiencing the agency life or you would like to focus on working on a product we provide an all-around experience.

When faced with almost impossible requirements from a client, you respond with next-level solutions! Wiredelta is a fast growing web and mobile development agency and we are on the hunt for a talented and all-around awesome Sysadmin/DevOps to join our Copenhagen office.


Do you enjoy scripting, automating and evaluating new technologies?

We expect you to:

  • Have profound knowledge on the installation and automated provisioning of systems in complex environments
  • You like to plan, implement and operate on the systems you support
  • Have good English skills
  • Take responsibility for the configuration, administration, maintenance and monitoring of complex server landscapes and virtualization platforms in the cloud
  • Take care of the continuous improvement of the technologies used and support the planning, development and implementation of new functions and solutions
  • The analysis of user requirements plus the orchestration and automation of IT operational processes are also part of your responsibilities as well as the creation and maintenance of technical documentation

Google Cloud:

  • Multi region infrastructure
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (Just about everything related to K8s)
  • Maintenance & governance
  • Setting up / Deploying new services (both managed & self-hosted)
  • Scaling deployments to new regions
  • Cost management / optimisation
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
  • Networking (Load balancers, GKE service mesh)
  • Securing service up-times


  • Unified Prometheus & Grafana
  • Health-checks & alerting
  • Error log handling


  • CI-CD Pipelines
  • Git repositories
  • Docker
  • Deployments


  •  Domain names (Registrars)
  • SSL Certificates
  •  DNS


Preferable experience with handling a multi-region cloud infrastructure / setup in Google Cloud.


Existing services used in Google Cloud includes:

  •   Google Kubernetes Engine
  •   Cloud Run
  •   Networking (LoadBalancers)
  •   Compute Engine
  •   CloudSQL
  •   Redis
  •   Storage
  •  P ub/sub + schedulers
  • Storage
  • Networking (Load balancing + DNS)
  • We expect to use many more as we grow


  • Location: Copenhagen (Denmark). The applicant must have a valid CPR and yellow card and must have the right to reside and work in Denmark.
  • Start date: dependent on available projects at Wiredelta
  • Work schedule: Full-Time
  • Compensation: Competitive, depending on skill level and experience


  • Pension plan + Health insurance
  • Dental plan
  • Near public transport
  • Free office snacks, coffee, tea and soda
  • Flexible working hours
  • Social gatherings
  • Lunch
  • Friday bars
  • Skill development
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