Auto­ma­tion Spe­cial­ist

Egmont IT is looking for an Automation Specialist who, in collaboration with our Product Owner and business partners, will help identify potential automation development tasks in the business and develop these in collaboration with our divisions. 

You will be part of our digital team together with our business intelligence analysts, ML developers, AI developers, business partners and with reference to Team Lead, Sys Mindedahl. 

Join us on our exciting journey!

Egmont IT is part of corporate functions in Egmont and today has 60+ employees. In addition to handling the classic features such as network operations, service desk and operations, we also focus on a cloud first strategy and security, and we have dedicated product teams to develop these areas.

In addition, our digital service catalogue, which today spans machine learning modelling, RPA development, business intelligence, conversational AI, and automation tasks in python scripting, is expanded to include innovative technologies in AI, translations, text2speech, chatbots, etc.

We work with all major platforms such as Azure, Google, AWS, MS365 and the PowerPlatform. We expect you to be open to acquiring additional skills to your resumé that might be outside your current profile, as we expand rapidly and need to keep up with the innovative technologies. 

Egmont IT's primary purpose is to support the business's digital journey across divisions and to ensure platforms and technologies are accessible, secure, and operated stably and that we support co-development, consulting and sparring to the extent that the business itself does not have competencies within the desired technologies. We are on an agile journey and have in recent years worked structured on an agile transformation of our workflows, so today we work in product teams and with an agile approach to development and operations. 

The position

You help to ensure high performance of the +50 automations in production today, provide support to the business areas, ensure good system performance, and participate in constructive sparring with the business and assist in development of new automations. It is therefore important that you are technically sound and take pride in developing good solutions. 

The automations in production are within the Finance, HR, books and media areas and we work with local IT and business departments in different countries and facilitate both external development, inhouse development and we are responsible for the overall automation environment landscape and as we can see that the different technologies are merging more and more, we need a profile who wants to help building bridges between RPA, ML models, chatbots etc and who has a mindset of how the different technologies can benefit the business in combination and who can collaborate with the other team members on the best approach. 

You become a dedicated specialist of our BluePrism environment and Microsoft Power Platform. You will be responsible of ensuring that the applications' performance is satisfactory in collaboration with our Cloud team. You actively participate in handing over standard operational tasks to our operations and support department, so you can focus on development and sparring. 

Your position will include collaborating with creative people in many different divisions within the media industry. We therefore need a profile that can:

  • Combine technical flair with business understanding 
  • Can translate business needs into technical solutions and vice versa 
  • Can clearly communicate the advantages and disadvantages of different technical solutions from a business and / or user perspective.

The media industry is characterized by creativity, innovation, and change, so readiness for change is the word that fits best, when describing a quality that is important in an organization like Egmont. It is a large fund with a global presence, and you have almost guaranteed had something to do with one of our business areas at some point in your life, whether you have been to the cinema, shopped online, read a book, or seen a movie.

The perfect candidate has some of the following characteristics and qualifications

  • 2+ years of experience developing in Blue Prism 
  • Blue Prism developer certification is necessary
  • Experience in PowerPlatform/PowerAutomate/PowerApps  
  • Professional experience with all or some the following technologies: Python, SQL, HTTP APIs and Web Services, C# 
  • Solid experience in designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining RPA automations in production setting with best practice approach
  • Ability to create accurate and maintainable documentation
  • Knowledge of Blue Prism’s architectural/infrastructure components is a plus
  • Knowledge of platform is a plus.

Above skills and qualifications are what we think we need, if you have other skills that you think will get the job done, do not hesitate to reach out – we do not have all the answers and we are willing to change perspective on the perfect candidate. 

You speak and understand Danish both verbal and in writing and you can communicate in English, both verbal and in writing. The work location is in our headquarter in Vognmagergade in Copenhagen.

You are not afraid to challenge traditional solutions and produce new views if the task requires it.  

Become part of our team!

Please send your application and cover letter as soon as possible and before February 13, 2022.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Digital Services Team Lead, Sys Mindedahl by email at Please note, we do not accept applications sent via e-mail.

We look forward to reading your application.

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Publiceret: 25 January 2022


Location Copenhagen