Domain architect to lead and support across BEC

Ready to be professionally ambitious together with others? We are proud of what we do, and we share the ambition to create tech solutions that are vital for Denmark’s financial infrastructure. At BEC you will be part of a transformation of our organization and tech solutions.

We are looking for a domain architect ready to share and grow

Situated in Warsaw, Poland, or Roskilde, Denmark, part of BEC’s Enablers & Platform Architecture team, you will join a team of 8 other domain architects, who are responsible for guiding the development of the platforms in BEC. In the team, we have a strong focus on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and value creation to achieve the best possible results. Experimentation and finding smarter solutions are an essential part of the work.

The domain architect's primary success criteria is to ensure a solid architecture and design for the product that is to be delivered by the development organization.

Primary tasks and responsibilities

BEC is looking into a transformation with the base of an open architecture, decoupling our systems, reducing dependencies, and increasing development speed. This is a huge transformation and requires many steps along the way. In BEC we have positioned the roles of architects as a key player in this transformation and need to strengthen the aid and support we do, by having a domain architect, that support across BEC in the domains, areas or projects that needs this guidance and support the most. The technology landscape that BECs spans across is complex and consist of e.g., mainframe, openshift, azure, salesforce, calypso, kafka, API connect, java, angular & cobol development.

The domain architect role will act as a project architect, where mandate and scope of responsibility is specific to context of the assignment at the Domain/Program level, but within the realm of architecture, and aligned with the principles, and ways of working of Architecture in BEC.

The domain architects’ primary tasks & responsibilities will be to:

  • Add value to a short-term/mid-term initiative through leading, coordinating, and hands-on support of architecture activities within the scope of the initiative
  • Provide guidance on Architecture development, methods, artefacts, and good practices for architecture, and support the involved teams in applying this to the task at hand
  • Have a close collaboration with in-domain subject matter experts to provide the technical insights needed
  • Provide options and insight into the prospects and consequences of different transformation scenarios based on established product vision, strategy as well as architectural principles and patterns
  • Participate in architectural collaboration cluster work, having a room with architects to spare with and align and solving tasks

To fulfill the role, a candidate would be expected to have a broad experience in the following:

  • Project Management
  • Architecture development methods
  • Architecture visualization
  • Change leadership, communication, and stakeholder management
  • General FinTech insight, business, and technology
  • Knowledge about the development lifecycle: software / infrastructure analysis, design, estimation, test and continuous integration / delivery 

We are looking for you who love to explore and learn!

We are looking for an ambitious and competent domain architect with drive and a pioneering attitude. Moreover, you have a professional background in engineering, computer science or similar and have at least 5 years of experience as a system engineer, software - or system/domain architect, enterprise architect or as a technical project manager.

To us, curiosity is essential, and at BEC you'll join a community of helpful, ambitious, and tech-savvy people who love to explore and grow. We ensure that banks can comply with the legislation such as reporting requirements, providing solutions for individual banks as well as the entire community of BEC banks. 

BEC is performing an ambitious architectural transformation, and as the domain architect, you will be right at the center of where that transformation is driven. Therefore, as a person, we expect you to identify with the following: 

  • Strong collaboration skills to align BEC’s enterprise architecture to domain architecture with the overall goals of the architecture transformation
  • Strong writing and presenting skills to convey meaning across the entire BEC organization on new concepts and ideas
  • With colleagues in teams distributed in Denmark and Poland, you must master English at a high level both in writing and orally

Make us aware of your talent

Ready to join a culture of tech-loving people? Then we look forward to receiving your application and resume as soon as possible and no later than July 28, 2022. Job interviews will be held continuously so don’t hesitate to apply. If you have any questions related to the position, then please contact Henriette Jensen, manager on +45 46763418.

We are committed to hiring top talent regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and age. As a result, we encourage all qualified candidates to apply for the position.

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