Senior Analytics Developer

We are looking for a Senior Analytics Developer, who wants to work with software development, and bridge the gap between IT Development and Analytics in a leading European energy trading company.

As Senior Analytics Developer, you will be helping Centrica's analysts build, deploy and run advanced analytical models, and build an analytical platform for an international business in growth.

Work with and learn from leading specialists in the energy industry

You will be joining Centrica's experienced and agile world-class analytics team that understands the importance of data availability and trustworthiness. Your focus will be on tooling and infrastructure to help the analytics team mature new and existing models that ensure smooth build-, deploy- and run phases. Furthermore, the position encompasses the following tasks:

  • Proactively developing the team and the team processes
  • Act as a role model in the team and towards customers and help develop the team's competencies
  • Influence the solution architecture and ensure a high level of quality in the solutions

In addition to these tasks, you are expected to participate in sparring with the business and be proactive, initiate new initiatives, and develop technical solutions to remedy business challenges. It is also expected that you will help to improve workflows in the team.

You will have a central role in shaping the future of energy, working in a vibrant business environment with some of the world's leading energy investors and businesses looking to re-shape the energy industry and bridge the future to a carbon-neutral economy.

Outgoing Senior Analytics Developer who is a strong communicator

Your educational background is likely a master's degree, and you have a passion for delivering high-quality solutions. You like to communicate with skilled specialists with competencies that complement your own, and you appreciate close collaboration with internal customers.

Furthermore, you have experience in C#, Python, R or similar. You have experience working with large datasets, and you like to explore new technologies and continuously expand your skillset. Some technologies that you may be familiar with could be one or more of the following concepts and technologies: Git, Kubernetes, AWS, Kafka, Argo, Humio, Unit Testing and Automated Testing in general. Most importantly, you are passionate about working with analysis and acting as a link between business and development.

Work with and learn from leading specialists in the energy industry

Everything Centrica does is with a Cloud-first mindset. The team works in C#, Python and R alongside several modern technologies such as Kubernetes, Argo Workflows, Kafka and the AWS toolbox. Furthermore, the team works closely with several different analyst teams and trading desks, and you will experience a varied and dynamic workday with a short distance from development to production.

Working at Centrica Energy Trading

Centrica Energy Trading is a profitable and agile company that understands the need for investment to improve. At Centrica, we recognize that a career in Software Development requires continuous learning. We engage their employees in Guilds driving both technical innovation, process improvements and social activities. Our Skills Guild drive learning activities such as Hackathons, Study Groups and Brown Bag Sessions, and their Social and Work-Life Guild drive frequent social events such as Department Events, Friday Bars, etc. We also have an active Staff Association that arranges a wide variety of activities - ranging from Foosball Tournaments to LAN Parties, bringing in people from the entirety of CET.

Are you interested?

Applicants will be assessed on an ongoing basis. We look forward to hearing from you. We will be reviewing applications and conducting interviews on an ongoing basis.

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