Quality Assurance & Developer Ex­pe­ri­en­ce Manager

Are you ready to define and lead the infusion of quality into DSV’s digital transformation products?

Then join us and be the driving force behind conception, implementation and execution of an ambitious test strategy and framework, for a modern suite of in-house developed enterprise software products.

You will take ownership of your own team consisting of test engineers and test automation engineers. Together you will be responsible for developing and implementing a standardized test framework across all products developed under DSV’s Digital Enterprise Transformation (DET) umbrella.

This department is responsible for building the data, software, and AI foundation, leading DSV towards it’s 2030 IT strategy. Here we develop digital products based on restful and event driven microservice architectures, using modern technologies and agile principles.

“You get in at the ground level in standardizing and centralizing quality assurance efforts across our digital product platforms. Our goal is to enable product teams to rapidly develop production ready software, without sacrificing quality or security” says Staffan W. Nielsen, Director and Head of Operations and Quality Assurance, Digital Enterprise Transformation in Global IT.

Take the pain out of software development

In addition to Quality Assurance, you’ll seize control of the hardware, software and frameworks which together deliver the ‘Development Experience’ allowing developers to be effective and efficient in their tasks.

This toolbox we continuously improve in an aspiration to enable effortless product development.

We expect you to build an initial team of 6-8 experts within the relevant areas and scale up as needed. For the first 6-9 months, you will spend about 30 % of your time recruiting the right people and 70 % on strategic tasks like defining the frameworks, aligning stakeholders, and prioritizing the work to come:

  • Build and manage your team under good leadership
  • Engage with stakeholders across the DET products to map maturity of QA efforts
  • Develop and implement a unified test strategy for all products
  • Develop standardized test automation on the backend, frontend, and integrations
  • Manage and deliver test resources to product teams in coordination with their requirements
  • Ensure that test efforts a coordinated with external business and IT teams
  • Continuously seek to improve the developer experience by refining tools and frameworks

For you to be successful in this position, we imagine that:

  • You bring several years of experience leading a Quality Assurance department and has a bachelor’s degree or higher - or equivalent experience.
  • you may have worked as a software developer or similar, granting you a general knowledge of the challenges product teams experience
  • You have at least foundational knowledge of microservice architectures and in-depth knowledge of the most common test tools.
  • You demonstrate excellent communication skills and command of the English language
  • You have a broad knowledge about best practices for incorporating security and quality perspectives as an integrated and automated part of CI/CD processes (e.g., integration testing, scan of code quality, scan of dependency CVEs and licenses, scan of container registry CVEs, scan of runtime container CVEs).

Join the catalyst for change

While the rest of the industry is bracing for market shifts, Digital Enterprise Transformation is reinforcing its presence.

"We have set ambitious goals but have done so in an organisation characterized by both high decision and execution power. We love to make change happen, but we can’t afford to compromise product quality” Staffan concludes.

Want to know more and apply?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the position and about your options in DSV. You are welcome to call Director and Head of Operations and Quality Assurance for Digital Enterprise Transformation, Staffan W. Nielsen on +45 25 41 87 37.

We look forward to receiving your application via the link below as soon as possible. We will process the applications as we receive them.

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