Computer Vision Python Engineer

Exceptional opportunity to help startups developing innovative projects.

Our client MindFuture is busy building innovative projects for startups and themselves – and we are looking for an experienced engineer with strong skills in Computer Vision and Python.

You will also take care of the architecture/design of software, development and you will ensure that the product quality meets the needs of their projects.

MindFuture is a venture builder that fosters pre-seed and early-stage start-ups that focus on building a range of tech-based products. They bring a project from idea, to prototype, then MVP through rapid prototyping without compromising on quality. Additionally, MindFuture provides a wide range of services that cover the entire life cycle of the project. MindFuture is not a consultantcy company as they are deeply involved in start-up companies.

You will become a key player who can work with a multi-disciplinary team, you enjoy taking ownership and initiative throughout the project cycle, and you develop and deliver powerful solutions, often involving Machine Learning and/or IoT.

As Computer Vision Python Engineer, you will not miss the joys of freedom, creativity, and diversity in the workplace. The MindFuture team is dynamic and humorous, the tasks and assignments spanning wide and far as the start-up projects roll in.

You will take a lead role in certain projects and on a longer run (if you have the motivation and skills) you will have the opportunity to take on a teamlead role for the skilled Engineers.

Your profile

  • Strong mathematical background. Much of what MindFuture does is transforming pictorial and geometric data.
  • Very good understanding of classic computer vision
  • Machine learning / deep learning: Experience in designing, training and evaluating models and familiar with challenges with real data. Experience with time series is a plus.
  • Understand dataflow programming

You probably have experience with following technologies:

  • Python
  • Data visualization
  • Opencv
  • Tensorflow/pytorch
  • Numpy
  • Bash
  • Unit testing
  • Git
  • Docker

You are extremely curious in nature and are a passionate Python engineer. You have an urge to create and an entrepreneurial mindset. Good communicative skills and a helpful attitude is a must.

More about MindFuture

MindFuture is growing and the tech development team consists of both software, electronics, and hardware developers forming an integral part of InQvation, Danmark’s leading tech innovation hub. The creative, fun, and comfortable office and lab space in Taastrup will inspire you alongside synergetic sparks from co-located InQvation businesses and projects. InQvation is currently home to 120+ dedicated people, enjoying their own indoor forest, hammocks with Arctic views, vintage auto campers, conference rooms with living wallpaper, great food, and unlimited espresso on tap.

MindFuture thrives through strong partnerships with both private and public sectors in Denmark. This helps entrepreneurs test their idea in the market quickly so they can adapt and continue towards commercialization and hopefully become a global representative.

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Interested in joining MindFuture?

Please send a brief application and CV as soon as possible as interviews are conducted on an ongoing basis. If you have any questions, please contact Sara Juhl at Bloom on or +45 2086 086.

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