InCom­mo­di­ties Graduate Program

This is your chance to fast-track an exciting career in energy trading!

Our graduate program is your personalized fast track to an exciting career at InCommodities! We offer a dedicated program where your development and well-being are in focus, and you have the opportunity to learn and advance. You’ll get the unique opportunity to get to know our business in-depth and acquire a cross-functional understanding of InCommodities. We believe that allowing people to do exactly what they do best and explore new competencies will make learning more exciting. We invest heavily in your professional and personal development, so you can look forward to ongoing support, education, and coaching throughout the program.

IT or Algorithmic Trading

You can choose between two tracks: IT or Algorithmic Trading. We’re committed to your development, so no matter the track you apply for, we aim to create a personalized program that fits you, your competencies, and your interests. The overall goal is to support your development and speed up your understanding of our business model, and that’s why your rotations will go across the organization and not just within the track description.

You will get rotations in both the front and back office to build an even better in-depth understanding of our business and value chain. This allows you to explore new competencies you might not think you had a flair for in the first place.

What to expect

During the 18-month-long graduate program, you will have 3 rotations across our business. You are hired in a full-time position, where most of your time will be in the teams working on value-adding projects alongside some of the best minds in our industry.

You will be challenged and take responsibility from day 1. We'll ensure that valuable projects are lined up for each rotation – all designed to support your development. You will get 1:1 coaching, HR workshops, and external courses from renowned providers and high-quality universities. We invest heavily in your professional and personal growth during the program. Throughout the program, you will be supported by friendly and committed colleagues dedicated to helping you develop the skill set needed for success and accelerating your professional and personal development within InCommodities.

It's important to us that you're happy here and feel like you fit in socially and culturally. You can look forward to lots of events and activities during the program - both exclusively for the graduate group as well as company-wide events where you get the chance to expand your social circle across our business.

One of us

After 18 months and having successfully completed the program, you can expect to possess in-depth knowledge about our business and the InCommodities value chain. Professionally you will become a well-rounded ‘InCommodities specialist’ with the skillset you need to start in your new role in one of the fastest-growing energy trading companies in the world!

Depending on your competencies and interests, you could end up in a position ranging from Quantitative Trader to Portfolio Manager or even Software Engineer. We aim to find the perfect role for you within our growing team, where you will be able to leverage your learning and experiences.

Even after completing our graduate program, your development is still in focus. We are a company that continues to rethink what we do and challenges the status quo, and if you have the ambition and drive you can expect our support to realize your full potential within InCommodities.

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