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Unlock the Potential of Data in the Maritime World: Become a Data Scientist in Copenhagen!

Are you passionate about delving deep into data to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled value? Join our dynamic team in the vibrant heart of Copenhagen and become an integral part in shaping the future of maritime energy solutions. With the advent of new fuel types and engine models, your analytical prowess will be pivotal in providing long-term data analyses that not only differentiate our products but also empower our customers with actionable insights.

As our new Data Scientist, you’ll be the maestro orchestrating data stories from time series and diverse data sources, making the complex simple for stakeholders and customers alike. Collaborating with subject matter experts across multiple domains, your quest will be to unlock the treasure trove of data, generating findings that enhance our understanding and fuel advancements in the maritime industry. If you're ready to make waves with your skills, dive into this opportunity to chart unexplored territories in data science with us!

You will play an important role

As a Data Scientist in our pioneering team, you will take the helm in advancing algorithmic innovation. Your tasks will include crafting and developing scalable algorithms that will be at the core of our analytical engine. Utilizing a suite of data science tools and practices, you will transform raw data into strategic assets that propel us forward in the maritime field.

Your proficiency in Python is essential as you will build robust algorithms that serve as the backbone of our data infrastructure. You will navigate through a wealth of data, applying your programming expertise to refine and optimize these algorithms, ensuring they run efficiently and effectively.

Maintenance and inspection of the algorithms you develop will be another cornerstone of your role. Vigilance and a detail-oriented mindset will be your guides as you monitor algorithm performance, identify and correct any deviations, and ensure the integrity of our analyses. Preparing for the unexpected, you will be tasked with fine-tuning these algorithms to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of engine data.

Your contributions won't go unnoticed. You will receive the support, recognition, and resources necessary to continue growing your skills and making significant impacts. We value continuous learning and will provide opportunities for professional development to keep you at the forefront of data science innovations.

Ready to embark on a journey that will redefine the maritime industry? Apply now and join a team that honors creativity, values your unique insights, and is committed to sailing into a new horizon of data-driven excellence. Your adventure in data science starts here, in the spirited city of Copenhagen—where your work will not just be a job, but a voyage towards a sustainable maritime future.

We imagine that you

We seek not just a skilled navigator of data but a true team player, ready to join forces with a crew of forward-thinkers. An open-minded approach is crucial, as you’ll be integral in fostering a collaborative environment where creative solutions and diverse perspectives are not just welcomed, but celebrated. Your academic foundation, be it a Master's or a Bachelor's in data science or a related field or equivalent experience, will serve as your compass in navigating the complex waters of maritime data.

Your professional experience has already charted a course through the challenging sea of data science. We expect that you’ll bring a wealth of knowledge from your journey, including a track record of writing production code in Python. Your familiarity with the Pandas library, and other data manipulation tools, will be highly relevant, as they are key instruments in developing the sophisticated algorithms that will power our voyage into uncharted industry waters.

Communication is as vital as your technical talents. In English, our lingua franca, you must be adept at expressing complex concepts with clarity both in written and spoken form. Articulating findings to team members and stakeholders will be part of your daily cruise, so we value your ability to do so effectively, ensuring that all aboard understand and appreciate the value of your discoveries.

We anticipate not only your participation but your enthusiasm to contribute to a culture of innovation and excellence. Your commitment to quality, diligence in maintenance, and an eagerness to be part of our evolutionary journey in the maritime industry will cement your place in our fleet.

Embark on this expedition with us, where your aspirations meet the tides of opportunity and recognition. We offer you a berth where your expertise is the wind in our sails and your career growth is on the horizon. Cast off from the ordinary and anchor your future in a role that makes a difference with each data wave you ride. Submit your application and let’s chart a course together, toward the future of the maritime world.

Welcome aboard MAN ES!

At MAN ES, you're not just joining a team; you’re becoming part of a community of visionaries and innovators. We stand at the forefront of engineering, crafting the most advanced 2-stroke engines and digital solutions that power the future of global trade. With open minds and a passion for discovery, our people boldly venture into the realms of new techniques, constantly staying ahead of market trends. Here, in our 2-stroke segment team, you will be surrounded by a diverse array of interdisciplinary experts who thrive on collaboration and creativity, pushing boundaries to deliver excellence in everything we do.

As a member of our vibrant team, you will find yourself in an environment that is as challenging as it is rewarding. We are pioneers, dedicated to the creation of impactful, data-driven solutions within the maritime sector and you are now an integral part of this mission. Expect a culture that cherishes your unique perspective, invests in your professional growth, and promotes an open dialogue that fuels our collective advancement. At MAN ES, you will have the freedom to explore and the support to succeed. Welcome to the place where your work contributes to a more innovative and sustainable maritime future.

Build your own future

Please submit your application to us no later than Monday 26th of February 2024. We will conduct interviews during the application period. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Head of Digital Delivery Denmark, Sauli Hurnanen by phone +45 26 66 73 15. More information about the company can be found at

We encourage all qualified candidates regardless of gender, age, religion, disability and ethnic background to apply for this position.

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Publiceret: 2. februar 2024