Computerworld Advertorial

Advertorials on Computerworld are a brand-new way to get in touch with IT candidates. You catch the candidates with their guard down because the look and feel of the ads is similar to the rest of the editorial content on the site. This way, the format is perfect for showcasing your company to potential new employees.

The concept is as follows:

  • A targeted, professional article is developed by a journalist in cooperation with you focusing on your company culture, specific jobs, development opportunities or other job-related messages. In other words, it’s an advertorial for your company. Furthermore, the article can be utilised in other marketing contexts.
  • Your advertorial will receive exposure to approx. 500,000 unique monthly users on
  • You will have full access to check the number of exposures and the number of views your content receives on
  • The article will get 200,000 exposures in the Computerworld universe, spread over a period of up to two months.
  • You will have the opportunity to link directly to all your relevant IT positions on or your company’s own career page.

Price: 35,000 DKK

Available as an add-on to a job ad on it-jobbank.

This price is excluding VAT.

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