With a Homepage Takeover on computerworld.dk, you become the owner of Denmark’s largest IT news media outlet with over 500,000 unique users every month.

A Homepage Takeover is ideal not only for large-scale recruiting but also for finding individual candidates for key positions. You will reach a wide range of candidates – not not just active jobseekers, but even more importantly, the “passive” candidates – the candidates who may be tempted by an interesting job vacancy while reading the IT news. This way, you cover a large proportion of the market.

Benefits of a Homepage Takeover

  • Your company’s message will be visible on the entire computerworld.dk universe and will receive 100,000 listing views. This means that anyone who visits the site to read IT news will see your branding.
  • A Homepage Takeover typically lasts between two and three weeks (100,000 listing views) and when measured by user responses it is far more effective than a traditional Skyscraper banner.
  • The banner can link to your company’s career site or your job openings on Computerworld it-jobbank.

Price: 24,900 DKK

Available as an add-on to a job ad on Computerworld it-jobbank.

This price is excluding VAT.

If Computerworld it-jobbank has to produce campaign materials for you, there will be an additional charge of DKK 2,000 to cover production costs. Delivery within five business days. Before an order is final, a pre-booking must be made with Computerworld it-jobbank. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you 100,000 listing views within the agreed period.

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