SocialMedia Boost

SocialMedia Boost is a new and revolutionary way in which to find IT employees. In fact, it’s Denmark’s most advanced algorithm.

Based on Big Data we customise a campaign on Facebook and Instagram specifically for your IT job openings. This means your jobs will be shown to many IT profiles, enabling you to find just the right IT employee more quickly. And yes, it works!

You get:

  • Unique and effective marketing of your IT job to relevant IT profiles on Facebook and Instagram
  • Considerably more relevant readings of your job advertisement
  • Documented results – full reporting during and after the campaign

How does it work?

it-jobbank prepares a number of different texts and images based on your job advertisement. SocialMedia Boost then creates nine multi-variations of the advertisement. The advertisements are displayed on Facebook and Instagram and the intelligent algorithm ensures that the most viewed advertisements are automatically displayed to the most interested IT candidates.

What do customers say?

One thing is our word, another our customer’s experiences. A Danish company, Forsikring & Pension, has tried our SocialMedia Boost – successfully:

”It’s hard to know what works when it comes to job advertising. Where are the candidates exposed to the position? But when we asked our newly hired IT project manager where she was exposed the job posting, she told me she saw it several times on Facebook and Instagram and eventually she decided to apply for the job – and got it.”

Louise Lange Thomsen, Forsikring & Pension

What does SocialMedia Boost do?

  • It finds the IT candidate based on the candidate’s education, competences, interests and online behaviour – not based on a pre-defined target group
  • It ensures relevant clicks and readings of your job advertisement
  • It constantly optimises the campaign up to once every hour in order to maximise the effect
  • It reaches the unknown target group that is not actively looking for new jobs
  • It provides full transparency

If you want to provide images yourself:

  • Format: 1200x628 px
  • Cannot contain text
  • Logo must cover up maximum 20 percent

Price: 5,950 DKK

Available as an add-on to a job ad on it-jobbank.

This price is excluding VAT.

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