SemiSearch IT

With SemiSearch IT, you get help with all the administrative parts of recruitment thanks to a permanently assigned recruitment consultant who knows the industry – and all you have to do is interview the relevant candidates we find for you.

DKK 14,990

A lot of time can pass from the moment you decide you need an IT employee until the day you actually hire one. Recruitment consists of not only the exciting interviews with qualified candidates, but also the heavy administrative processes that can steal a large part of your time. If we are responsible for your next IT recruitment, you only have to deal with the fun part – holding interviews and assessing the chemistry.

You get a shortlist of the most relevant IT candidates, and a safe and efficient process.

You can save resources and spend your time focusing on other tasks, while we manage things like searches, screening, motivation and pre-interviews.

We will work together with you on your job ad, ensuring that it is targeted and sharp.

Your job ad will feature on, and

Your vacant position is ensured optimal visibility in the search results on with clickable images and logos.

DKK 14,990

The price includes the start-up of SemiSearch IT

DKK 25,000

Price per employed employee

DKK 5,000

Acquisition of anonymity

All prices excl. VAT.