IT survey

The competition for IT competencies in Denmark is fierce, with a skewed supply/demand balance. It follows that not only recruitment but retention also becomes steadily more critical, especially considering all signs pointing to an ever-increasing demand relative to the supply of candidates. We have created these surveys in order to aid companies in formulating a strategy of attraction for IT candidates, playing to their individual strengths and focusing on what matters most to the candidates they seek to attract.

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With the desire to deepen our latest IT survey 2018 involving more than 3,000 IT graduates, in the summer of 2019, we asked 1,400 IT graduates about their opinion on work pressures, hiring process and work-life balance.

Good management makes IT people change jobs

In a market where IT profiles can largely choose between job offers, one parameter in particular is decisive, namely good management. This is shown by our new large survey conducted among Denmark's IT professionals.

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