Terms and conditions for Companies (Valid from September 1st 2021)

General terms and conditions

Quotations and prices

Collaboration agreements and quotations for volume purchases are done against the backdrop of the going Computerworld it-jobbank price list, unless otherwise agreed in the promotion. All promotions are excluding VAT and are only valid upon written acceptance within 14 days of the date of the quotation. Quotations that are not accepted by the latest 14 days after dispatch will expire, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Collaboration agreements expire by the latest 12 months after the agreement date of and unused products, as a rule, are not refundable. Framework agreements, based on estimated usage of job ads looking12 months ahead, can be concluded in special cases. At the end of the period, unused job ads may be invoiced in arrears, up to the estimated amount. Products purchased for 12 months at a time cannot be interrupted during the period, and any possible discontinuation of using the products does not constitute a refund or a proportionate repayment. Computerworld it-jobbank reserves the right, however, in special cases to terminate collaboration agreements or ads before the time by paying back a proportion of the amount.

Payment terms

The normal credit period for job ads and annual agreements is net cash, 30 days from the date of invoice. By exceeding the due date Computerworld it-jobbank reserves the right to charge a reminder fee and calculate an interest rate of 1.5 % per month.

Computerworld it-jobbank's ownership and the Customer's right of use

Computerworld it-jobbank has the complete copyright, marketable title and all other rights to its products, including the right to personal data and other data that is collected and stored in connection with the product. Computerworld it-jobbank thus owns and is the data controller for the personal data processed in connection with the products.

You/your company have/has the right to use Computerworld it-jobbank's products to the extent and as per the terms agreed between the Parties, including the right to access the relevant personal information. You will act as an independent data controller of the personal information collected by Computerworld it-jobbank of you/your company.

Upon disclosure to you, Computerworld it-jobbank keeps and processes the disclosed data and personal data relating to the products. Computerworld it-jobbank thus retains the ownership of data relating to the products and remains an independent data controller for personal information which Computerworld it-jobbank processes in related to the products.

Job Advertising

Only advertisements offering vacancies are listed in Computerworld it-jobbank. All ads must comply with the laws and regulations applicable to job vacancies. Computerworld it-jobbank reserves the right to refuse the inclusion of ads that are contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or to the interests of the user or Computerworld it-jobbank. Computerworld it-jobbank assumes no liability for displaying ads that are in violation of the law.

Computerworld it-jobbank reserves the right to refuse the inclusion of ads that are contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or to the interests of the user or Computerworld it-jobbank. Computerworld it-jobbank assumes no liability for displaying ads that are in violation of the law.

The advertising period

The advertisement will be online until the application deadline - but, however, only for a maximum of 30 days from the date the ad is posted online. Further information about the products can be found under the product descriptions, which can be found here.

Basis+, Standard and Pro Ads

Ads are placed on Computerworld it-jobbank.dk in the categories and geographical areas that Computerworld it-jobbank considers relevant, based on the text of the job advertisement. The size of the job advertisement itself is unlimited, with a max. appetiser size of 350 characters or approx. 5 lines.

For Basis+ and Standard Ads, we give a reposting guarantee of an additional 30 days, if the appointment of the first candidate does not take place within the first 30 days, so the Ad can remain online for up to 60 days from the start date.

For Pro Ads, we give a reposting guarantee of an additional 60 days, if the appointment of the first candidate does not take place within the first 30 days, so the Ad can remain online for up to 90 days from the start date.


Complaints must be made no later than one week after the ad’s first display date.

Invoicing complaints must be made immediately after having received the invoice.

Any errors or shortcomings of the ad, which are not due to the error of the advertiser or their advertising agency, will, as per Computerworld it-jobbank’s discretion, be repaid by the additional exposure of the ad. Only in exceptional cases will a portion of the invoiced amount be refunded. A refund can never exceed the amount invoiced for the advertisement.

Computerworld it-jobbank’s rights

Computerworld it-jobbank reserves the right to change a commissioned advert design or a job advertisement should technical considerations requires it or the job advertisement does not comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

Computerworld it-jobbank is entitled, but not obliged to publish adverts in other media or to distribute adverts to third parties for publication elsewhere. To this end, Computerworld it-jobbank cooperates with third parties and partner sites, without requesting prior consent from the client. Computerworld it-jobbank can submit a list of collaborating media partners, if requested.

Scanning agreement

When ordering the "Scanning" service, Computerworld it-jobbank copies the job ads on your/your company's website, for as long as the contract period lasts.

Computerworld it-jobbank deletes published job ads after they have been deleted from your/your company's website - but at the latest by the end of the advertisement period agreed in the contract.

Computerworld it-jobbank QuickApply

Computerworld it-jobbank QuickApply is a free online application system that can be used when you have an ad on Computerworld it-jobbank.dk.

Computerworld it-jobbank QuickApply is activated when the ad is posted online. Access to applicants in QuickApply expires 90 days after the application deadline. There is the option of reopening within 90 days after the access to applicants in QuickApply has been closed, and then for a maximum of 10 working days.

QuickApply cannot be used on anonymous ads, ie on ads where no workplace name or name of the company in charge of the recruitment is provided.

The application system contains personal information that is to be treated as strictly confidential. You commit to comply with applicable laws and regulations on data protection and conditions of employment relationships, including the Act regarding the Prohibition of Discrimination Act.

Any obligation to register or obtain approval from public authorities for the purpose of collecting and monitoring personal data must be met at your/your company’s expense.

Computerworld it-jobbank reserves the right to contact the applicants which you/your company does not appoint, with job offers from other companies.

Searching in the CV database:

When you have an ad on Computerworld it-jobbank.dk, you can contact and hire candidates through Computerworld it-jobbank's CV database for the tasks advertised in the ad.

You are agreeable to the fact that Computerworld it-jobbank registers which candidates you contact through the CV database and that Computerworld it-jobbank has access to read all emails sent via the CV database.

All correspondence to persons in the CV database must be based on real and concrete job opportunities. Requests for registration of CV's in other CV databases are not accepted.

If you conduct searches in and requests from the CV database: Requests cannot be revoked and Computerworld it-jobbank can not be held liable for incorrect entries and for requests made by yourself. Computerworld it-jobbank does not warranty the correctness of the candidate's data, and Computerworld it-jobbank cannot be held liable for the fact that the enquiry does not result in a recruitment.

Computerworld it-jobbank's CV database contains personal information and other data that must be treated as strictly confidential. Even though the CV's in the CV database are anonymous, it may still happen one is able to recognise a person. It might occur that, for example, one comes to know that a colleague or subordinate is looking for another job. You commit to, under no circumstances, use or misuse such information in a manner which can be to the detriment of the person concerned.

Visual products

Pictorial material for visual products

If it has not been submitted, Computerworld it-jobbank reserves the right to find pictorial material on your/your company’s website for setting up visual products.

Whether you submit the material yourself, or whether Computerworld it-jobbank finds it on your website, you/your company are/is responsible for ensuring that the pictorial material in the approved visual product may be used and is in accordance with the applicable regulations, including personal data regulations. It is also you/your company’s responsibility to inform Computerworld it-jobbank if a consent to use pictorial material gets withdrawn. (Here you will find more information about our visual products).

Unless otherwise agreed, when it comes to all visual and employer branding products, only the first two proofs/corrections are free for you/your company. In other words, for all corrections in addition to the first two, Computerworld it-jobbank reserves the right to invoice the number of hours at the rate of DKK 1,000 excl. VAT, which corresponds to Computerworld it-jobbanks work.

It is up to you/your company to check whether you have special rules regarding photos, permissions and the like. Computerworld it-jobbank accepts no responsibility for material that is in violation of applicable rules, internal or external, including the regulations on personal data (Here you will find further information about our visual products).

Visual products, ex products with employee photos, published on it-jobbank.dk may be shared by others on social media etc. In that case, Computerworld it-jobbank is not the data controller.

General information about personal data

Personal Data and User Profiles For Companies

To log in to Computerworld it-jobbank, you must have a user profile – what we at Computerworld it-jobbank call a ‘business user’. In order for us to set up a business user, we need at the least an email address. In addition, we can add a name, company name and telephone number to your business user, if you provide them.

You must be registered as a business user in order to receive ad statistics – what we at Computerworld it-jobbank refer to as ‘job reports’. You must also have a business user in order to access and use the Computerworld it-jobbank CV database or use Computerworld it-jobbank QuickApply. You can only be a business user for one company at a time.

You can go ahead and set up one or more of your colleagues as business user/s, just as one of your colleagues can start setting you up as a business user. This is done by providing the email address. Computerworld it-jobbank then sends a confirmation/welcome email, after which you complete the setup of your business user profile.

When it comes to deleting business user profiles, we delete blocked users after 5 years. In addition, we delete inactive business users after 2 years. In this context, what we mean by inactive users are users who have not logged on for two years, who have not been in contact with their ads for two years, who have not received any reports (statistics) for two years, whose emails have been returned for two years, and who do not subscribe to our newsletter.

If you wish to be deleted from our database, you can write to dpo@it-jobbank.dk. They will inform you of the personal data rules and your options.

Personal data and CRM information

As long as you have an ongoing customer relationship with Computerworld it-jobbank and are registered as a contact person, we will store your data in our CRM system in order to service you with our solutions/products as well as implement and invoice sales.

In this regard, we store ordinary personal data such as your name, email address, company address and telephone number including your company affiliation.

If your customer relationship with Computerworld it-jobbank is terminated or if we are notified that you are resigning, we will then keep your data for 5 years + ongoing years in accordance with the business accounting and accounting rules. After that, your personal data will be anonymised, i.e. phone number/numbers, email address, personal name and personally identifiable notes will be deleted.

If you want to be deleted from our CRM database, you can write to dpo@it-jobbank.dk, and someone will inform you about the personal data regulations and your options.

Telephonic support:

You can contact us by telephone on + 45 70 22 93 00. The office is open from Monday - Thursday: 08h30 - 16h30 and Friday: 08h30 - 16h00.

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