Computerworld – what’s in it for you?

In brief, you ensure your vacant IT position is exposed on Computerworld, Denmark’s largest IT universe, with more than 500,000 monthly users.

Combining Computerworld it-jobbank and Computerworld you stand strong and reach Denmark’s IT professionals in a unique way. Computerworld is the sweet spot for discussions, blog entries as well as debates and covers Denmark’s IT news.

Most IT professionals

Computerworld it-jobbank is the jobsite in Denmark with the most vacancies for IT professional. Combining this with Computerworld’s universe, you stand strong and reach Denmark’s IT professionals in a unique way.

Target group

Computerworld is Denmark’s number one media for IT news targeting IT professionals.

The effect? Twice the amount of readers!

The combination of Computerworld it-jobbank and Computerworld gives you an edge. In fact, your job ad can reach up to 100% more readers when you use Computerworld for boosting your vacant IT position.

20% of Computerworld’s readers search for information about jobs and career development. Gain up to 100% more clicks on your job ad by combining Computerworld it-jobbank and Computerworld.

Geography: Age:
38% in Capital Region of Denmark 28% under 30 years of age
22% in Central Denmark Region 37% 31-50 years of age
10% in North Denmark Region 35% 51+ years of age
11% in Region Zealand
19% in Region of Southern Denmark