Employer branding

Your employer brand is exceptionally important in attracting and retaining the best IT employees.

When you work strategically with your employer brand you can affect the way your corporate brand is perceived. Through communication, language and visual profile, you can create a connection between your corporate image and your image, identity and profile as an employer.

it-jobbank offers several employer brand products that can help you intensify that connection.

Skyscraper Banner

Week 4,950 DKK

A Skyscraper Banner (160x600 px) is posted in the right-hand column of our front page or on selected subsites. We can design and code a great banner as an animated gif-file for you for 2,000 DKK.

Career Mail Article

15,900 DKK

With a Career Mail Article an article about your company or vacancy is placed in it-jobbank’s newsletter that boasts more than 40,000 subscribers and potential applicants. The article is typically used for employer branding purposes and often concerns company culture and why it’s a great place to work. We also share the article on it-jobbank’s social media channels.

Computerworld Advertorial

35,000 DKK

Advertorials on Computerworld are a brand-new way to get in touch with IT candidates. You catch the candidates with their guard down because the look and feel of the ads is similar to the rest of the editorial content on the site. This way, the format is perfect for showcasing your company to potential new employees.

Computerworld Campaign

12,900 DKK

With a job banner on Computerworld, you are guaranteed 100,000 showings over approximately 10-14 days. You reach an interesting target group consisting of IT professionals who are not actively looking for a new position but who can be tempted with an exciting job ad while reading IT news. A banner campaign also serves as a great branding platform for your company in attracting the best IT professionals.

Computerworld Homepage Takeover

24,900 DKK

Our Homepage takeover option on Computerworld gives you the full attention of more than 300,000 unique users. Every person visiting the site will see your company’s message across the computerworld.dk-universe.

The Homepage takeover consists of 100,000 impressions, typically lasts 2-3 weeks and is very effective in terms of user response.

It is ideal for large recruitments as well as when you need to find key employees. You reach all types of applicants, both active jobseekers and, importantly, the so-called “passive” applicants – professionals who are tempted by an interesting job ad while reading IT news. This way, you cover a large part of the market.

The banner may link to your company’s career site or your vacant positions at it-jobbank.

Customised Graphic Template

7,900 DKK

Increase your company’s branding and stand out from the crowd with a Customised Graphic Template for all your job ads at it-jobbank. The template typically consists of a fixed top and/or bottom which show your company’s visual identity and logo.

We reserve the right to price changes and errors. All prices are excl. VAT.