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What IT people value in the hiring process

The hiring process is an important part of your company's employer branding – this is where the right candidate should be attracted. The process is a sneak peek into your business where potential new IT employees get an idea of what it's like to be employed by you.

In our 2019 survey, which will be published on September 24, we asked 1,400 IT professionals what they value most in a hiring process.

It resulted in the following top four – up to three answers could be selected:

What is most important to you in a hiring process?

  1. Job ad reflects company and culture: 46%
  2. Company keeps me informed throughout the process: 44%
  3. A brief application as well as resume: 42%
  4. Simple application proces: 38%

In short, 1st and 2nd places are quite common for all jobseekers, whereas 3rd and 4th places are more specific in the industry as IT people often do not have the time or desire to write longer applications.

Be honest and remember follow-up

It comes as no great surprise that it is important to tell applicants what to expect in the event of a job switch.

The job ad is the first link and this is where interest should be aroused. Therefore, you should be thorough when writing the job ad and be very clear on how the business should appear.

What makes your business unique? How is the working environment? Canteen? And much more. Because one thing is the tasks – another wether the candaite can identify with the culture.

As an applicant, there is nothing worse than submitting an application – and not hearing from the company. In an industry where IT professionals receive more inquiries than others, it is largely up to companies to look inward. If you want the good candidates, you must stick to - and stay good friends with – the IT specialists in the market. Because even if you can't use all applicants, you may need them in the future.

Make applying for the job easy

IT professionals are pretty spoiled when it comes to job search. They are often contacted directly and therefore do not have to spend time on long applications. However, there are also those who show interest in a job themselves and the answers in our survey clearly show that applying for a job should be as easy as possible. A few lines and a short CV are therefore often the perfect combination if you want a high number of applicants.

What the candidates say

In our study, we also allowed candidates to write in a text field. Here is a selection of the answers you can consider in relation to your next recruitment:

“That the description / communication also shows the back of the coin. Job ads should not be sales where it is about getting as many customers as possible in the store – but informative so you also see any dark sides.”

"That it is possible to contact the immediate manager and not just an HR department."

"That you can get a clear and real insight into the company's culture and value set – and not just what HR thinks looks good on the website."

“IMPORTANT – dialogue when the process is over and please elaborate: Thank you for applying for the position with us; but this one is allocated to a profile with a better match. Maybe it's a utopia – but it's too easy to use and throw away in a hiring process.”

“That the process is short and efficient. That there are no "multiple choice" exams with "gotcha" questions that say nothing about my skills."

Get your hands on our 2019 survey

Soon it will be possible to access our in-depth survey, which will cover more aspects of our IT survey 2018 including:

  • What can make IT people switch job
  • What work-life balance og culture match really mean
  • How IT people want to be informed about new job opportunities
  • What matters the most to IT people in the hiring process
  • How IT people assess work pressure in the industry

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