What can make IT people switch job? We give you the answers!

Recruiting talented IT people can be a difficult and challenging discipline, but our new survey shows what is important when attracting candidates.

In our new survey from July 2019, we have among other things asked Danish IT professionals what factors can cause them to switch job. We have received 1,400 answers and for this particular question it was possible to choose up to three answers based on 10 options.

Good management is more important than ever

”I have met many different leaders in my professional life and I have come to a point where I cannot cope with poor management. So if the management is not good I see no reason to switch.”

The clever quote from a potential candidate, whom senior consultant Jens Peter Holm had a job interview with, and it clearly demonstrates the importance of managemant in a job switch.

Therefore, companies should make sure that the manager is visible at some point in the hiring process – for example in the job ad or the job interview. There is no doubt that the candidates are very thorough in their preparation and research before coming to a job interview to form an impression of both managerial and company profile.

An "attractive salary" is still attractive

This seems to be logical, but the salary is important when considering a job switch. The answers in our survey show that even in a highly paid industry, it is crucial with a good salary and employment security.

This is in line with the answers from our 2018 survey, which was made in collaboration with Computerworld. When asked about wages and benefits, as many as 83 percent indicated wages as very important or important.

In a market characterized by fierce competition for the talented people, it may not come as a big surprise that companies have to be able to match the wage demands that are set and desired.

Work-life balance is the new buzzword – but it has to be taken seriously

Work-life balance is currently advancing in all professional groups – including IT. So much that it takes a 3rd place in our survey right in front of things like less transport time to the workplace, more challenging work assignments and good colleagues.

In this industry, this may not be surprising as IT people generally enjoy flexible working hours. But also IT people have family and a life that must be aligned with the high work pressure.

Therefore, businesses are wise to prioritize it in their job ads. It should be clear what the benefits of the job are.

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