Good man­age­ment makes IT people change jobs

In a market where IT profiles can largely choose between job offers, one parameter in particular is decisive, namely good management. This is shown by our new large survey conducted among Denmark's IT professionals.

Good management is one of the biggest drivers when IT people are considering changing jobs (53%). It is even heavier than higher pay (48%) but it is probably assessed in light of the fact that in many cases it is taken for granted when a job change is made.

If we dive a little deeper into the data and look at young versus experienced IT people it appears to be even more interesting. Here, the picture shows that it is especially the experienced IT staff who are considering changing jobs to get a good manager. The experienced IT people are naturally more experienced – and may not have the same patience with bad managers as those who have been working for a short amount of time.

Young people focus on higher wages

Among the young IT professionals, the higher salary is, perhaps not surprisingly, highlighted by 58 percent. Then more work-life balance is highlighted by 46 percent and good management comes in third with 31 percent.

These are interesting figures that Danish IT leaders and recruiters should note. Not least because the survey also shows that as many as 18 percent of participants are actively seeking a new job – and 30 percent can be tempted and 40 percent are open to new opportunities if contacted.

Just 12 percent of survey participants say they are not actively seeking a new job.

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